Activities and tourism
in the heart of the Jura






What activities near the hotel?


There are places you never forget. The Jura is one of them. Here we touch the heart of the Haut Jura Regional Natural Park, a delicate wild mountain offering an ideal and accessible playground.

But then what to see in the Jura and around CHASSAL-MOLINGES? Waterfalls and lakes, walks in the forest along the water and breathtaking panoramas. To see the Jura Mountains is to breathe the fresh air, to feel so small but more alive than ever! CHASSAL-MOLINGES is located in the south of the Burgundy - Franche-Comté region, a border region with Switzerland (the other country of cheese!).

  paysage haut jura


saint claude  

Visit Saint Claude, capital of the Haut Jura and world capital of the Pipe. Saint Claude offers exceptional panoramas with its many bridges: a city suspended as if clinging to its mountains. Labeled as one of the most beautiful detours in France.

Very quickly, we are attracted by the high bell towers of the cathedral of Saint Claude, a Gothic style which contrasts with the sobriety of the interior. The famous building imposes and seems to dominate the whole valley.

Visit the workshop of know-how in the vicinity of Saint Claude.


Visit the Haut Jura natural park. In the heart of the Jura Mountains, travel through a land of contrasts and glacial lakes with rivers, thick forests with vast meadows. Discover superb landscapes and breathtaking viewpoints as far as the eye can see. In a symphony of colors, it is full of nature that transports: it is the Jura effect.

Visit Gaïa Loisirs, the Lamoura leisure park. At Les Rousses resort. It's a great place to discover and share life-size.


  parc gaia loisirs



To see also, waterfalls, lakes: the flumens gorges, the horse tail waterfalls, the gendarme's hat waterfall, the abyss gorges, the bottleneck lake, the white rock belvedere , Lake Vouglans, Lake Abbey, Lake Ravilloles...

Visiting a cheese dairy is a must if you visit the Jura. Moreover, you will rather hear about fruit trees. A nice route to be unbeatable on the Comté and the Bleu de Gex du Haut Jura, just like the Morbier.

Above all, to do everywhere, many family hikes on foot or by bike.